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Horizon Office





Welcome to Our Company!

Established in 2001, HORIZON Construction Company is today one of GUINEA EQUATORIAL ,Leading construction companies.

The company has completed a wide variety of projects ranging from individual villas to commercial and residential buildings to major hotel projects>
The company’s main goal has been to construct its projects up to high standard quality .with the backing of a strong team of engineers and architects the company carries out all the phases of a project from excavation, concrete works, electro-mechanical right to finishing and furnishing .besides its own in-house staff, the company relies on its extensive network of subcontractors and suppliers that it has developed over the last thirty years .another company office is open in BEIRUT, LEBANON.
The company’s team consists of highly qualified engineers and architects with an office staff .most staff members have a rich experience in the construction trade especially building construction several have over twenty years of experience .Members of the company operate as a harmonious team working closely towards achieving the best .it’s a team that pushes big ideas further making creative work the standard.


HORIZON is a construction company established in guinea equatorial since 2006 ,and she proved comparing to here age she is between the leaders of construction in guinea.

Below you can find a brief explanation of our company and the elements behind our success.
Our project realized in guinea equatorial:

>  1- Galeria 12 de Octubre Bata (surface 11750m2) comercial, hotel compound see picture for more details.
>  2- Renovation for the e g t c villa as shown in pictures.
>  3- Construction and rehabilitation for water fountain face of beac (shown the design and the work site in pictures after), delivery time 10 October 2005 (delivered and functioning).
>  4- Villa e g t c Malabo delivered in august2005
>  5- Warehouse for e g t c group 43000m2
>  6- Residential compound 12500 m2 formed of 5 villas for 65 persons (e g tc group)
>  7- Renovation and construction of ministry of telecommunication Bata ( gecotel) delivery15-12-2005.
>  8- Building in Malabo for Ventage Company, 10 floors (4950 m2).
>  9- Construction of the new central market in Bata general surface of 16000 m2 (date of beginning the construction is end of February)
>10- Renovation of the monumental clock tower in Bata (date of delivery end of February).
>11- Water park in Bata near the SGBGE in Bata the most amazing project in bat water fountains 17 m height and 4 m width and musical dancing fountains.
>12- Plaza de liberated in front of the galleria 12 de October (date on beginning 15 February).
>13- Tesoro publico del estado (public treasury), surface of 4200 m2 in Bata .
>14- Palace of justice (Bata and Malabo ) surface of each unit is 3625 m2 .
>15- Tower of liberty a monumental tower of 62 m height and containing a revolving restaurant at the height of 25 m and capacity of 80 personne .
>16- Government building ( delegacion del hacienda ,delegacion de coreos ,delegacion de planification) 3 historiqual building in the heart of Bata .
>17- Delegacion de minas ( ministry of mining and electricity-Bata- ) surface of 1250 m2.
>18- Plaza ge petrol (gardens with monumental tower of height 16 m in the middle situated in the heart of new high way in Malabo .
>19- Palacio de conferencia (Malabo) conference palace of capacity 1000 persone.
>20- Tesero public de mongomo .
>21- Social residence 22 building in Malabo and Bata each one with the capacity of 6 apartments each of 240 m2.

Horizon is a member of e.g.t.c. group the leader company in the market of guinea equatorial in construction materiel vendor and in the food sector also in shipping ( by sea) (e g t c has 4 commercial boats working between cameroun,gabon ,saotome,guinea equatorial )and all what concern the market needs .horizon used to be named e g t c department of construction but after realizing our projects in guinea equatorial and the success we hade from our project we gave the department a new identity and name to separate it from mother company to work separately but with collaboration between two parties .

Elements of horizon:
>1- Human elements.
>2- Machinery department.
>3- Kind of work horizon capable to do.

>1- Human elements:
Our work team is divided to 3 sections:
>1-a- Administration and backup section
>2-b- Work team on the sites
>3-c- Mechanical department

>1-a- Administration is the architect general manger of the company accounting ( 6persons) architectural department ( 6 architect ) artistisque , decoration and drawing department( 5 persons),civil engineering department ( 3engineer).
-Back up section (5 persons) their work is to provide and to study all the need of the work team and the construction projects and to plan the delivery for the materiel and the steps to be made for more efficacies in project progress

>2-b-Work team( foreign) is considered of 4 general Forman of experience 15 years in field of construction,4 Forman for the entire projects, 6 construction workers (foreign),6 finishing experts ,4 technicians in the field of plumber and electricity with one mechanical engineer .

>2-b-a-Work team (workers from guinea, Cameroun…………)
660 persons in different field, forman, construction workers, technical team.

>3- Mechanical department:

>1-Work shop ( 6 persons 2 for caterpillar department and 4 for truck and vehicles department)

Our mechanical department (vehicle and construction equipments) is formed of:
>  2 Crane grove 40 tons.
>  2 Grader 140 g.
>16 concrete mixer type of 1 m3 (equipped with lister Perkins engine).
>24 Trucks Mercedes kipper 4041 year2006 volume of the kipper is 16.5 m3.
>26 Trucks shacman euro trakker 380 kipper volume of kipper is 14 m3.(new model 2007).

>4 Mercedes truck 2628-2638 kippers with volume9 m3.
>6 caterpillar wheel loader 1-(966C)- 1 –(966 E )
>6 Caterpillar 328-c- backhoe.
>2 Caterpillar D7G bulldozer.
>2 JCB 320 wheel loader
>4 Jcb 3cx backhoe
>6 Excavator 325 b
>9 Cat skid steer 262b -236
>2 Caterpillar 318
>2 Compacter 11.5 tons
>6 Mercedes tractor unit for lobed transportation (bulldozer or excavator) and for container transportation.
>8 Pick up 6.5 tons huinday, 2 pick up Mitsubishi canter fuso 6.5 tons.
>2 Central unit for the concrete mixing with 10 mercedes and 25 steyer trucks mobile mixing units
>2 Concrete pump putzmeister 36 m .
>2 Crusher de production 200 tons par hour .
>4 Hyundai excavator 360 lc - 7a
>4 Our wheel loader hl -770- 77
>4 Four wheel loader hl -760- 77
>2 Tower crane raimondi 36 mt
>1 Crane 30 t
>1 Crane groove 30 t

Our main base is equipped with steel bending machine and cutter to provide all the need for the sites, machine that fabricate block with capacity to deliver 5000 block per day, and all kind of machine to make the wood work need for the sites .
Our base in malabo is supported by the main base in Bata with all the material and the experience needed to achieve what ever is the project and the biggest proof is e g tc villa in Malabo
Our base in malabo contain
>3 Architect.
>2 Civil engineer.
>6 General Foremen.
>660 Experienced Workers.

>3- Horizon can do all the construction projects from small house to luxury villa ,house compounds ,building whatever is the surface and the height ,hospitals ,infrastructure in brief all what consider construction( either in Bata or in Malabo)

This in brief our explanation for our company for any further explanation visit our web site programmed to be opened in February ( horizon.s.a)

We hope you have full information of our company and our elements to the success and the company behind us E.G.T.C. group who is the biggest guarantee you can get in guinea equatorial.